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Handmade Luxurious Velvet Cushion :
I never knew that moths could be so pretty, until I discovered this one lounging  on the compost in my garden.  I couldn’t resist taking a photo and creating a pattern!

The fabric is Velvet (100% polyester) with a short pile and elegant shimmer, which adds a touch of luxury.

The cushion pad is feather down and measures 60cm x 60cm

A gorgeous addition to any home.

Palm Moth

  • Please be aware that I don't keep tons of stock as each product is lovingly made by hand.  If by any chance I don't have the product you want, you will be notified and I will immediately begin to make your order specially for you.  In this case there will be at least a two week turnaround before shipping.
    Thank you for your understanding. 

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