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This mug is part of my Black Joy collection.  This particular woman is a member of the Balondo civilisation, who are a central West African people whose civilisation is situated along the southwest coast of Cameroon.

It's called African Halo because this particular hairstyle resembles the ‘nimbus’ ie halo.  The hair is dressed in plaits, which instead of being allowed to hang down are drawn out in a radiating fashion. The ends are fastened to a hoop of light wood. When this is done, the hoop itself represents a halo and the strands of hair are the radiating beams of light.


African Halo

  • If the mug you want is out of stock, please note that is only a temporary situation.  And more mugs are on their way and the collection will be replenished tout de suite. 
    Thank you for your understanding.

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